Meet John


As a native Oregonian, John Boylston understands Oregon’s vast potential. Hejohn-and-wife-1 believes that we can achieve that potential by ensuring that all of Oregon’s children have a future and encouraging prosperity for all Oregonians. John was born at Good Samaritan hospital. His mother was a public school teacher and John thrived in the Beaverton public schools before enrolling at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. After college, John earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California Law School. But the Boylston Oregon roots run deep. Now with his wife Ana Lauren, John is our neighbor in House District 26 and an estate planning attorney, passionate about making sure families of all means are protected and preserved by planning well for a secure future.

To help guide Oregon in reaching its potential, John Boylston is running for the Oregon House of Representatives. John himself is guided by the principles of:

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Responsibility

The freedom to choose how to live one’s life means allowing others the freedom to do so as well, which then preserves everyone’s rights to enjoy the liberties, and protections promised by the constitution.

John wants everyone to be given an equal opportunity to succeed. That does not of course, guarantee an equal 15-1117-Boylston-_MIK0127outcome, but it should mean that nobody is disadvantaged by our laws and that everyone has a chance to prosper.

Responsibility for one’s action comes naturally from freedom and equality. People should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of their successes, but they must also be responsible and accountable for the consequences of their failures.

Besides helping families plan for the future and now running for the Oregon legislature, John Boylston sits on the Board of Trustees of the Oregon Historical Society and on the Board of HispanicPros. HispanicPros is an organization that helps connect Hispanic professionals, plugging them into the Oregon business community. John is also a founder and active member of Emerging Leaders of Oregon, an avid Timbers fan, and he plays on a co-ed indoor soccer team and is the pitcher for a co-ed softball team.

John Boylston is proud to be part of a place called Oregon. He wants all of us to be part of a State that inspires the best in us, where we all believe that Oregon can truly reach its immense potential, and that in turn, all Oregonians are able reach their potential as well. John looks forward to being your voice in Salem, guiding Oregon to a better tomorrow.